Reasoning for Justice: an introduction

Reasoning Our Choices by Reuben Ray

Law is the enforcement of sanctioned justice practices in a society and these maybe helpful and harmful, depending on the sanction of the individual right by the nation. To however reach a definition, we might have to agree that laws are more individualistic, while justice is a demand for group behavior, as its application and subjects are more universal than individual. Laws are codes for controlling individuals to adhere to the societal value principles of ethics as seen just by the society in question with the intention of maintaining the cosmic flow of reality. The question however we need to return back to, is the construct of right and wrong as the basics. And we seem to be heading nowhere as we struggle to find right and wrong definitions based on cultural and social constructs and normative requirements, which over time, requires finer tuning to be in sync with the fluidity of the underlying subjects. Be that may, we should still be able to do some justice to it. And thus, this is where we begin to ruminate.



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