As good as one can be…

Good must continue to thrive

Strong and steady like the Himalayas,

Or childishly wild like a cacti

But the goodness in us should exist.

That good is not a sure thing

But goodness must be…

like the moon dangling white,

tidal ebbs of reason, at times faulty

must still exist. For goodness is good.

Good can have hired meanings;

It can look angry from a distance

But we can cover distances, barefoot or else,

and hug tight till goodness resurfaces

in all beings, great and small.

While writing this poem, I was driven to understand why being good or the pulpable goodness in humans is so important for all of us to be successful as a species is undeniable. Good is albeit a social construct, but goodness is a positive and elementary value towards achieving our goals.

So, should we be good to others? You can be, but the first rule is to be good to your own self. By being less opportunistic, a little less tempted, taking a fewer less risks and caring for our own responsibilities of health and ethics, we can turn into the truly greatest intellectual species we claim to be. Consider the fact that you want to be good towards a fellow human being; in the process of being good, if you hurt or harm your own self, you would be limited to your helping nature and fall under undue risks. Similarly, the other person, also by being good, simply can avoid all that encourages odd risks of desolatry.

Being good or inculcating goodness is also the Amazon Prime for happiness. Or the Netflix of peace. It rarely requires something else to shine bright within, and remain unharmed across the battles or face Waterloos of desperate labyrinths. And for this to occur, goodness cannot be limited to just what we think or how we consume food and ideas; it must be across all horizons of our senses and reactions to imbibe a sense of how we can be as an act of goodness towards ourselves and our roles as social citizens within and beyond borders of friends and family.

So, isn’t being good also being selfish? Absolutely no! Would you be happy doing so much good that you perish? Probably you would be the person doing so. And if that is true, being good captures the greater understanding of our role and duties towards ourselves also as good beings who rarely harm, do not unduly fight or respond firmly yet gently towards any aberration or provocation, however strong or wild or destructive it might be. All external factors beyond ourselves are only good as long as our greed doesn’t succumb towards it.

Find People Scalers in your organisations who are filled with goodness. For they are the good givers and humble takers, and do not fail to be generous or greedy at the twin ends of sharing. So where do you begin? It is simple as a journey, but not a destination. And it requires the will and patience of a tortoise, the strength of a snake and the humbleness of an elephant. Ever thought, how much will it takes to be born and leading a life without a mother’s love from the moment you are an egg? That’s the patience of a tortoise. A snake has neither legs or arms or wings to fly, and yet it survives the odds using its sheer strength to drag itself across territories. Or the giant humbleness of an elephant which refuses to hurt creatures smaller or adapt to eating other animals but travels distances in hunt for greens. Till then, try cultivating some goodness!