We are all in a hurried journey to become famous. As Naval Ravikant points out, ‘it is better to be rich and anonymous than be poor and famous.’ Perhaps what people seek to become through fame is wealthy; the easy staircase to celebritydom or have power over our experiences. This phenomenon has been explained by me in greater detail in my article about AI (Achieving Ambition in AI (Age of Interruption) or my book, Reasoning Our Choices.

Our problems are a result of our choices we seek to EXCHANGE for outcomes we EXPERIENCE based on our PRIORITIES among our PREFERENCES…

…and almost every other area too!

Almost every medium of communication has a big chunk dedicated to motivation, including the movies and schoolbooks! It is fed by YouTube into our eyes and by our parents into our ears to be drained down through the tummy to the intestines and out. Out you go, silly motivation, for you seem of no purpose! Or are you…?

Motivation is the purpose behind everything we act upon. This ‘act’ could be representative of physical and mental actions like thinking, pursuing, preparing or doing. But a well-defined framework can even tell us about the motivation

The indulgence every person seeks from their Senior or Reporting Manager is to help them achieve more; while this might be a selfish motive if observed from the spectrum of self-interest, it benefits a lot of the environment around. A good student inspires other peers just like a great employee would do, in addition to providing disproportionate advantage to the organisation. So what comes in between?

Seniors or Managers are not gods, and the more ignorant one is, the higher the chances to avoid scaling their juniors for the fear of not only being overtaken, but also spilling one’s own…

We are all aware of every action bearing a consequence, and this carries within itself a distinct limitation; the effect of the action’s own limitations itself alongwith the path the action would lead towards unseen consequences. And limited approach can be a catastrophe for both the act and the leadership leading it.

Every action contains within itself a set of permissibles as a part as its properties. If you eat too much junk food, you are going to land up gaining cellulose, or being a severe taskmaster will lead to people abhorring you. You may have to act, for there…


Randomness is the evil: The effect of randomness is our surroundings are so weird that when we face untoward situations in life, we tend to look toward immediate effects to reason for the good and bad alike affecting our existence. While not everyone is concerned for the good parts, it is the bad parts which tend to make us consider the ‘why’ beneath such incidents. This ‘why’ is the randomness all around us, clouding us and making us gnawl and fester with rage without acknowledging the power of randomness to upturn the plans.

Giving power and taking it humbly by Reuben Ray

Generous giver and humble receiver: While an entire book can be written in this context, this is the most propound of principles one can observe for life. The act of existence includes giving and receiving, be it resources or emotions, words or food, wealth or charity. This is where being a generous giver and a humble receiver will make all the difference to enhancing life purpose and enjoying lasting relationships. Most often than not, we are misers while giving and critical in our acceptance of others generosity.

Consider the simple offer of advice; it is often taken as an unnecessary…

Happiness Survey @ PexiScore — YouTube

During the summer of 2019, as part of our free surveys, we sought to find the answer to the Happiness Quotient for Indians. According to Aristotle, Eudaemonia is the ultimate goal to be pursued and is an end in itself. Our objective however, was to look at the working population and the age-group about the enter the workplace. This would lead Human Resource Managers to a better understanding of what drives happiness for employees at the workplace. …

Transforming Leadership Potential by Reuben Ray

The workplace is getting more complex problems to manage with

an ever-growing crisis of finding capable people to join in and engage

further to retain them for handling future challenges.

But many young people do not have the appropriate skills or there is a

silent laziness to adapt newer tools and technology to solve such critical

gaps between what education can provide versus what employers require.

So where is the gap?

As we experience work cultures across organisations large and small, the common factor between the ones doing good and those struggling to keep up with Talent challenges rests with…

Good must continue to thrive

Strong and steady like the Himalayas,

Or childishly wild like a cacti

But the goodness in us should exist.

That good is not a sure thing

But goodness must be…

like the moon dangling white,

tidal ebbs of reason, at times faulty

must still exist. For goodness is good.

Good can have hired meanings;

It can look angry from a distance

But we can cover distances, barefoot or else,

and hug tight till goodness resurfaces

in all beings, great and small.

While writing this poem, I was driven to understand why being good or the…

ACT Framework by Reuben Ray

Quite alike Artificial Intelligence, there are lot of artificial deterrents in this current age of interruptions to pursue meaningful intellect. While people are equally in search the need for ambition to quench the inner desire for satisfaction amidst the artificialities, there seems a great need for a framework to help guide our energies into a meaningful purpose of focused achievements. This is more pronounced post COVID.

During one of my recent sessions with people from a large organisation with high hunger to achieve results, I was curious to understand what they considered as some of the most important factors to…

Reuben Ray

Author of Reasoning Our Choices and co-Founder, Pexitics.com & a passionate Leadership Coach

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